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On the following pages, you can enter the CIELAB coordinates of the corners (White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) of a device gamut, and obtain a very abridged demonstration gamut solid which you can view interactively with a browser like Cortona.

These demo gamuts are based on only 8 measurements. Imagine what our standard gamut analysis and visualization service can do for you. It uses measurements of over 150 different color patches, to yield gamut solids like the one shown on our main gamuts page, accurate volume calculations, detailed hue and lightness slices, and the proportion of in-gamut colors from a popular graphic arts spot color specification system.

How To View

You need a viewer to interactively examine the gamut demo solid you'll soon be generating. Some web browsers already have one built in. If yours doesn't have one, a fairly extensive list was, at the time this was written, available at One we've used on the Macintosh is Cortona.

We have found the "Study" or "Examine" navigation methods most useful for interactively viewing the gamut solids. The movements we generally apply within these modes are "Turn," "Plan," and "Roll."

Why Do These Demo Gamuts Look So Boxy?

We don't yet have an FAQ, but this question is frequently asked. The demo gamuts made here lack so much detail. They are made from only 8 measurements, after all. Gamut solids made using our standard service have much more detail; they are generated using over 150 measurements!

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