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Why You Should Have Us Work For You

There are many advantages to hiring us. These include:

Because We're Solution-Oriented
Our clients hire us because they expect solutions. We never lose sight of this.

Because We're Experienced
Our Principal has 15 years' professional experience; most of our afilliated personnel have at least ten.

Because We're Cost-Effective
Our rates compare with what an employee costs you, but you only need to pay us when you need us.

Because We're Objective
It's easy for a team working day-to-day on a new product to overlook some technical pitfall. We serve as a second set of eyes and ears to help you catch problems before they come home to roost.

Because We're Knowledgeable
Our Principal and afilliates peformed some of the fundamental research which is being applied today in areas like Color Management, so we understand the issues.

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